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In our audio mastering process we bring the whole frequency levels of your musical track into the perfect acoustic harmony. We use a variation of audio systems and audio processors to obtain the optimal volume, frequency and volume levels of the different parts of the track. We specialize in the post-production of dance music. Every style gets its specific dynamic and sound level and Electronic Dance Music is where our strengths are. In the mastering studio we also take care of your stereo signal and stereo balance. We edit carefully the stereo spread and stereo phase of your track to guarantee a broader stereo track that can surround any dance club.
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(Re-mastering included if not happy with the results)
arrow 1 Song $40
arrow 2 Songs $ 76 (5% discount)
arrow 3 Songs $ 102 (15% discount)
arrow 4 Songs 128 (20% discount)
arrow For more than 4 songs and Label deals please email for a deal.
arrow For stem mastering and mixing services, please email for details

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  How It works and guidelines:
arrow In order for us to start working in your project, Payment MUST BE RECEIVED after initial consultation. Submit Payment using PayPal.
arrow Send the UNMASTERED files in 24 bit wav/aiff files with a samplerate of 44.1khz or higher (preferably 48Khz).
arrow At least -6 db headroom. CLEAR MASTER (No mastering plugins, limiters, compressors, EQ, etc) on the master channel!
IMPORTANT: If you want to have plugins on the master channel to show what you're after, then send 2 versions of the file, one with and one without.
arrow Files can be sent in with file upload site WETRANSFER.COM
arrow Please name the tracks properly (Artist, track name, mix) to avoid any hassle!
arrow We will send a 256 Mp3 Test Master of the A track for you to review.
arrow Once the mastering is done (delivery 5-10 working days, depending on the number of tracks) , you'll be able to download the mastered file(s) from a private link or a link sent through the previously mentioned upload site (WETRANSFER.COM).
arrow If you for some reason aren't happy with the mastering results, remastering included.
arrow If you have any further guestions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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